7 Tips to Prevent Pesky Pantry Pests

7 Tips to Prevent Pesky Pantry Pests

Pests can cause problems for you and your house at any time. These pantry pests are attracted to the food items. They can cause problems with the food items present in your kitchen. These pests reach out to the food section and hide there easily. These small creatures silently enter the kitchen and food shelves. Sometimes it becomes too late before you detect them. The pantry pests are a group of pests that includes ants, beetles, and earwigs. You have to be careful in this matter to protect the food items in your kitchen. Some steps need to be followed to get rid of these pantry pants.

 7 Ways To Get Rid Of Pantry Pests 

  1. Utilize appropriate storage – You have to select the proper storage to keep the food items safe from these pests. Also, keep your food items in airtight containers. Some insects are so small that they can easily enter the food jar. These airtight containers will not allow the pests to enter.
  2. Don’t buy food items in large quantities – Food storage is an invitation to the pests. Whenever you go to buy food items, always keep in mind to buy less quantity. Also, buy food items according to your needs. 
  3. Make sure to clean your house – Sometimes you avoid cleaning your house due to laziness. But this laziness can invite pests to enter your house. Always clean your house properly and throw the food items you left after eating. 
  4. Grocery Inspection –  While shopping you bring pests along with the grocery products so you always have to keep in mind that you should not buy damaged food items. Do not buy used food items also. You have to properly check the food packaging.  
  5. Expiry date needs to be checked – Always be careful while buying the grocery items. You need to check the expiry date of the items. Expired products can be harmful to you. If you don’t use those expired items then don’t keep them in your kitchen. These items will attract pests. 
  6. Use bay leaves to stop the pests – Bay leaf is considered as one of the best ways to prevent pests infestation. You must have the bay leaf in your pantry. Bay leaf works as a pests repellent for the best results. It is not harmful to you and your family but to the pantry pests. 
  7. Shut down the holes – Go for a walk around your property to look for the cracks and holes. These tiny holes allow pests to enter your house. You have to seal these cracks properly to restrict their entry. 

Hire Professional Pest Control Service 

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