7 Ways To Keep The Smelly Pest Away From Your Home

Many insects annoy us with their bad smell and keeping them away from your home is a tough job. But, don’t worry in this article, you will get to know how to keep the smelly pest away from your home. The winter season brings stink bugs or pests with itself. So, they enter our home and ruin our winter evening with their bad smell. Well, stink bugs don’t harm your health or your home, but, still, their bad smell irritates the nose a lot and like all other bugs or pests, they are also hard to get rid of. Their presence can make things difficult for you.

pest control
pest control

Ways To Keep Stink Bugs Away

  • Seal Off Entry Points: Stink bugs or smelly pests always try to find a way to get into your home. They look for gaps or openings to enter the home. You should always need to stay attentive to the openings like doors, windows, pipelines, or chimneys. Smelly pests can come inside your home from anywhere. So, to keep the smelly pests away from your home, you should pay attention to the opening, cracks, or gaps.
  • Replace And Repair: As said on the above point, pests are very small. They can enter your home through any opening even if you have any damaged place or cracks in your wall. They can come inside from there in your home too. To avoid or keep the smelly pests away from your home, you should repair the cracks. You can also use door sweeps if you think that it’s necessary to install one in your home. So, to keep checking the torn weather stripes or mortar in your home.
  • Turn Off The Lights: Stink bugs are very attracted to light as they love warm conditions. So, whenever you notice the appearance of stink bugs you should switch off the lights. Switching off the lights will lose their attention and they will go away.
  • Reduce Moisture Sites: Many people make the mistake of leaving their homes surrounded by wet or moist soil which leads to pests’ appearance. So, to 7 tips to prevent pesky pantry pests you should eliminate moisture buildup around your home.
  • Eliminate Food Sources: If you want to keep smelly pests away from your home, you should always keep your food in an air-tight container or always throw garbage in sealed bags. So, do regular vacuuming or sweeping your home floor.
  • Ventilate: You should use screens over your chimney and do regular or proper ventilation in basements, garages, or crawl places to make sure no harborage points.
  • Check Your Belongings: You should always check the things which you have kept in your storeroom or in your bedroom anywhere in your home. Many people do not do their things like decorations and grocery bags which becomes the home for smelly pests.


Pest treatment is very necessary, you should not avoid or ignore it. Smelly pests can irritate you or your daily life. So, to keep smelly pests away from your home you should follow the above tips or you can hire the best pest control company in Wollongong.